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One of the things that all of us have to face in life are circumstances or problems that are bger than we are able to control.

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Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, Jen Cohen, Kaliisa Conlon, and Brendan Leonard curate Nht Vision at The Climate Theatre in So MA. Tommy Becker told us all to look in our gloves to find our own instructions (mine was: climb a robe while shivering), to follow them, and then join hands when the time felt rht. I translated the directions into fragments of experiences and emotions put together to form another version of reality.

<strong>Soma</strong> Diagnostics A <strong>promise</strong> for better health

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Les Potions Fatales - Poppy Soma is a new and limited perfume by Parfums Quartana for women and was released in 2016.

Soma Diagnostics A promise for better health

It gives us great pleasure to announce the official grand opening of Soma Diagnostics, the Midwest’s first and only mobile pulmonary diagnostics lab of its kind.

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