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Allegra; Telfast; Allegra 12; Telfast BD; Allegra 24; Fexidine; Allegra Allergy; Allegratab; Altiva; Children's Allegra Allergy; Fexgen; Fexo; Fexofenaderm; Fexofenadine Mylan; Fexova; Fexy; Histafree; Nefoxef; Telfast HD; Telfexo; Xergic) is an anti-allergic medicine from antihistamines for systemic use pharmacological .

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Allegra is a drug that is used for treating itchy nose, running nose, throat irritation, watery eyes and other kinds of seasonal allergies. Take this drug as prescribed by your doctor and do not take an overdose of this medicine.

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Allegra is the brand name for the active ingredient Fexofenadine, an antihistamine.

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It is cliniy proved that taking the drug orally the efficiency of fexofenadine is dose-dependent.

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