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Opening Soon First nht January 10th Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer and Tony-winning musical returns in a special 20th Anniversary touring production.

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Our menopause health program, the first of its kind in San Diego, is a multidisciplinary service desned to meet the complex needs of women approaching or experiencing natural, surgical, or premature menopause.

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Six years ago, Ruth White woke up in the middle of the nht with an overwhelming urge to smother her 7-year-old daughter and then herself.

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"I ed a girlfriend from another part of the house because I was too scared to go back in the bedroom, where my daughter had been sleeping beside me," res Ruth, now 46 and a professor of social work at Seattle University. I got myself together enough to drop off my daughter at school the next morning and then went straht to my therapist's office and broke down." Ruth's therapist diagnosed her with bipolar disorder, a type of depression characterized by periods of manic "hhs" and depressed "lows" also known as manic depression.

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