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I saw my primary doc today and asked if he would put me back on Soma since the pain mg clinic took all patients of this med. The good news is he said if it didn't work for me he would be open to putting me back on what does work for me... He wouldn't however prescribe my pain meds which could be a problem for the pain mg clinic. These i found do not help as much as the mirapex that my dr.

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I had back surgery years ago & now that I am 61 years old my back has gotten worst.

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The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. When taken with Aleve, it even helps with that (lots of nerve cells in the knee, even though cartilage has none).""Have been in a few wrecks and worked hard labour all my adult life.

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I am 9 weeks out from lumbar fusion (S1 -L4 and stabilization device L3 - L4). I have developed bad short term memory loss and my wife claims I am babbling all the time.

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