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He is house broken and gets along well with other small dogs. " longdesc=" Mayor's Award: The creator of Costa Mesa Snoopy House, Jim Jordan was recognized with this month's Mayor's Award . Download app at the Apple app store and Google Play.

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The Plaintiff in this case filed a Notice of Appeal on June 29th, 2016.

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By-Law for Unopened Road Allowance Agreement - Municipality of.

The Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island BY-LAW NO. Unopened road allowances are thereby, by statutory definition, common and public hhways.

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2009-37 BEING A BY-LAW to establish an unopened road allowance policy WHEREAS the Corporation of the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island deems it desirable to establish said policy THEREFORE the Corporation of the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island enacts as follows: 1. Ownership of Unopened Road Allowances Municipal Act, Section 262 provides the ownership of every hhway is vested in the Municipality for the time being having jurisdiction over it subject to any rhts reserved by the person who laid out or dedicated the hhway.

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