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Just like Clomid, soy isoflavones trick the body to produce more estrogen and thus increase your chances to ovulate.

Solgar, Iso Soy, Soy Protein/Isoflavone, Natural Chocolate Caramel.

Ok ladies, we've had a lot of women asking "What on earth is Soy Iso!? " Well this post may not answer all of your questions but hopefully it will answer most of them. Like anything else it is recomended that you check with your doctor before trying anything. This is purely to raise awarness of the importance of charting! Btw.days did you take it/how many mg/ and what day did it make you ovulate?

Solgar, Iso <strong>Soy</strong>, <strong>Soy</strong> Protein/Isoflavone, <strong>Natural</strong> Chocolate Caramel.

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We continue to get some wonderful questions in from our readers.

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To give you a little background on my relationship with soy I have to let you know, I drank soy milk daily for four or five years.

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