Lexapro night sweats

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Is eliminated as a possible cause, then yes, Lexapro (escitalopram) has this as a side effect, although it is not the most common one. The result is the same: waking up overheated and sweaty.

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I have been searching for any information on Lexapro.

Could <em>Lexapro</em> cause Nht <em>sweats</em>? - eHealthMe

Male Nht Sweats - Find Facts, Symptoms & Treatments.

I took one 10mg Lexapro pill and 8 hours later had a severe adverse reaction to the drug.

Could Lexapro cause Nht sweats? - eHealthMe

My life was about to become a nhtmare.(This incident happened 14 months ago) My experience is rare but it is important to stress the dangers not explained by professionals in the field and there are many similarities between my experience and that of those who experience terrible withdrawal symptoms from SSRI's.

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