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A study from Loyola University in Chicago has revealed that arthritis drug Celebrex boosted the effectiveness of antidepressant medication in severely depressed patients, although it does not treat depression on its own.

Are ALL Arthritis Drugs Including Celebrex Risky for the Heart? - The.

A comprehensive review of the safety and effectiveness of this drug.

<strong>Celebrex</strong> - New Arthritis <strong>Drug</strong> - Arthritis Center Medical.

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Medication side effects are the #4 leading cause of death in the U. This website is dedicated to providing information to help you and your doctor make informed, intellent choices about medications and natural alternatives to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of treatment. On the one hand, Celebrex helps millions of people.

Celebrex arthritis drug just as safe as NSAIDs for pain.

For a decade, researchers have been concerned about how the arthritis drug celecoxib would affect the heart compared to two other drugs that are commonly prescribed for the condition.

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