Prednisone addicting

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Nasal spray addiction Is it real? - Mayo Clinic

He is looking to cut down but has tried for one month now.

Can you overdose on prednisone - long term effects of prednisone in.

Well, I started out as an internist in 1980 and became interested in addiction medicine about 10 years later because of family addiction problems.

Addicted to <strong>Prednisone</strong>? - Crohn's Disease Forum - Support.

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If I were joining a twelve-step program, I suppose I would have to make my introduction by announcing “Hello, my name is L. and I am an addict.” Although the statement causes anyone’s mind to run to illegal drugs, they are the substance of my “addiction.” I am mediy and chemiy dependent on the legal prescription medication prednisone that I take every day for my lupus.

Addicted to Prednisone? - Crohn's Disease Forum - Support.

Unfortunately, both professionals and lay people often misuse these terms, leading to the mistaken belief that tolerance, dependence, and addiction are just different names for the same thing.

Prednisone addicting:

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