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Antisoma's ASA404 is a vascular disrupting agent VDA - Drug.

Cancer is the leading er of New Zealanders, but there is an enormous effort going on here and overseas to find more effective treatments.

Antisoma shares plunge after latest cancer drug setback The.

The $500 million strategic alliance sned in November 2002 between European biotech Antisoma (London, UK) and pharma giant Roche (Basel, Switzerland) suggests the conventional model for pharma-biotech partnering deals could be changing.

<em>Antisoma</em>'s ASA404 is a vascular disrupting agent VDA - <em>Drug</em>.

A phase II trial of the nucleolin-targeted DNA aptamer AS1411 in.

THE secret of a successful marriage is difficult to pin down, but if part of the answer is about learning from and adapting to each other, then the pharmaceutical industry would do well to take note.

Scientific Advisors - Bionomics

Amonafide is a DNA intercalating agent and inhibitor of topoisomerase II that has been extensively studied in patients with malnant solid tumors.

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