Cymbalta and linezolid

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Contact: BCANS Enquiries Duloxetine hydrocoride, 30 mg and 60 mg, Delayed-release capsules Eli Lilly Canada Inc. 110028 Dated Issued 2008/05/05 Health Products and Food Branch Our mission is to help the people of Canada maintain and improve their health.

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De contrle de la prsentation 110028 Health Canada's Summary Basis of Decision (SBD) documents outline the scientific and regulatory considerations that factor into Health Canada regulatory decisions related to drugs and medical devices.

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Pregabalin can be useful in patients taking multiple medications because of its renal clearance, resulting in low risk of interactions with drugs metabolized by liver enzymes.

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Zyvox is the brand name of the drug linezolid, which is used to treat skin infections, pneumonia, and infections of the blood.

Cymbalta and linezolid:

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