Can cymbalta and wellbutrin be mixed

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Bupropion acts as an norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI).

How long will wellbutrin stay in my system

Any worse than any of the other stuff in my medicine cabinet. In fact, I bestow upon Cymbalta the rank of Number 3 in the list of Worst Ever Drugs I Have Taken, behind No. In two trials, minor weht gain, no more than a mean of 1.4 kg, was seen. I mht have been willing to live with the new-found weht if I hadn't also had to say goodbye to orgasms (but not, frustratingly, desire) at the same time.

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Serotonin has become a household word, thanks to Prozac (fluoxetine).

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Wellbutrin is the brand name for bupropion, a prescription drug that's used to treat depression.

Can cymbalta and wellbutrin be mixed:

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