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Testing the susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus to antibiotics by the Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion method – antibiotics diffuse from antibiotic-containing disks and inhibit growth of S. In 1928, Alexander Fleming identified penicillin, the first chemical compound with antibiotic properties.

Bactrim Tablets Ingredients uses for bactrim ds

Bactrim is a popular human antibiotic used for infections with bacterial orins.


Uses For Bactrim Ds Antibiotic

Co-trimoxazole is used to treat certain bacterial infections, such as pneumonia (a lung infection), bronchitis (infection of the tubes leading to the lungs), and infections of the urinary tract, ears, and intestines. Co-trimoxazole is a combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole and is in a class of medications ed sulfonamides. Antibiotics will not viruses that can cause colds, flu, or other viral infections.

Dosage for bactrim - trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole tablets.

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