Phenergan with tylenol

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Promethazine and codeine Phenergan with

MONITOR: Central nervous system- and/or respiratory-depressant effects may be additively or synergistiy increased in patients taking multiple drugs that cause these effects, especially in elderly or debilitated patients.

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Using corpheniramine together with promethazine may increase side effects such as drowsiness, blurred vision, dry mouth, heat intolerance, flushing, decreased sweating, difficulty urinating, abdominal cramping, constipation, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and memory problems.

Drug interactions <em>with</em> acetaminophen

Phenergan-Codeine oral Uses, Side Effects,

Does Phenergan make Tylenol with Codeine more effective? It can be used to pain control but it has antihistamine properties also. Mraines are often thought of as just a bad headache.

Drug interactions with acetaminophen

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Phenergan with tylenol:

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