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FDA Approved - Levitra To Women

The National Football League plans to cut its ties with erectile-dysfunction drug ads, hhting growing concerns about increasingly risque creative in the category and leaving manufacturers with a dearth of major sports marketing platforms for their brands.

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The League has decided not to renew its $18 million sponsorship agreement with Levitra when the three-year deal expires on March 31 and will, in fact, distance itself from ED ads altogether.

<em>Levitra</em> Risks And Damages Drugs

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Some sexual enhancement products sold on the Internet contain the same ingredients as prescription drugs such as Viagra and are not only illegal but dangerous, the US Food and Drug Administration cautioned on Wednesday.

FDA Orders Levitra Ad Off the Air

NFL spokesman Brian Mc Carthy said, "We do not have plans to secure a sponsor in this category." This is a blow to Schering-Plough, which co- Levitra in the U. with Bayer, and to their ED drug rivals, all of which have used televised sports as a way to communicate their message to American men in a context that helps reduce any stma attached to taking the pills.

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